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This is My Story...

Hello, new friend!


My name is Chastity Marie and I have a crystal clear goal, purpose, and passion for life:


To reach the multitudes and impact the individual.


In the last few years, I have found great peace and joy in finding purpose from my pain and molding that purpose into a passion for my future.

I help women go from overwhelmed and lost to free and motivated by overcoming your limiting beliefs, uncovering your goal setting skills, and creating vision boards that not only motivate you… but also EMPOWER YOU!


I want to show you:


How to not just deal with your fears, but overcome them.

How to not just be driven, but empowered.

How to not just be consistent, but also become intentional.

Most importantly, how to become the best version of YOU.


So, If you love positivity, transparency, motivation, and hope, you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to walking this journey called life with you.



A little back story...


A little time ago (4 ½ years ago to be specific) I had a corporate position at a good company, making “good money", “living the good life”.

I was finally at a pinnacle of success – or so I thought.

Somehow,  I was also desperate, lost, and overwhelmed at my corporate job.

I had a job I was passionate about and physically, was in the best shape of my life. So what was the problem? What was my problem?

I couldn’t stop this little voice in my head asking me, “is this it?” “I just work until I retire?” “Isn’t there something more out there for me?”


(Is this starting to sound familiar to you?)

I just couldn’t overcome the overwhelm.


And then, just like that, like it was meant to be....a friend shared something amazing with me...

After not seeing each other in almost 20 years, this friend reached out to share a product that had made a big difference in her life.

It had helped her feel more energetic, clear-minded and focused. Plus it was natural.


So naturally, I was skeptical.


How could it make me happy?

I was tempted to say no, but I thought about all of the challenges I was facing on a daily basis and figured I really didn’t have anything to lose by trying it out.


Guess what?

Pretty soon, not only was I raving to others about the product, but I felt amazing. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


I felt more focused and clear-headed, which helped me step back and really look at what was causing me so much frustration. Suddenly, things weren’t so overwhelming.


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And the energy!


It’s amazing how great you feel when you aren’t too tired to think … or do anything else.


Although I’m thankful that everything I’ve experienced has made me who I am today, I’m even more thankful that she reached out and shared this with me.

I’m me again. And I will be forever grateful.

I want YOU to live a not just a good life but a GREAT LIFE.


I want to help you become the best version of yourself and I want you to take action starting today!

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