With the launch of Thrive Fit, our premium fitness performance line, we wanted to create a community committed to making a positive change in their health going into 2019. We will have a personal trainer available for support, questions and guidance plus giveaways to keep the momentum going through the holidays - are you ready to get FIT?!

Hello!! My name is Tanya Moorehead. I’m a Self Employed Certified Personal Trainer in Richmond Kentucky. I started my career in fitness 6.5 years ago as a Training Director at a local gym. A year and a half ago I decided to go on my own and create my own business, “Transcend Training, LLC”.  I’m originally from Ohio, a mom of 2, a wife, and I just turned 40! Over the past 6+ years I’ve trained all levels of fitness from kids as young as 12 to the classy age of 83. I’ve trained bodybuilding clients to obese clients, physically challenged to mentally challenged, injury free to multiple injuries, prenatal to post natal, athletes to some who have never touched a weight. I not only focus on building the body but I focus on building the mind for long term success. I believe once you get the mind right the body will follow. I believe in facing all the real challenges in life that hold us back so we can move forward.


I haven’t always been into fitness. I was an overweight kid that got picked on and didn’t know what a healthy lifestyle was. My weight got even more out of control through my pregnancies hitting my highest weight of 235lbs. My brother introduced me to a gym in my mid 20’s and little did I know that would forever change my life and lead me to my passion and purpose. I was a yo-yo dieter for many years to follow into my early 30’s. I just couldn’t get it right. Few steps forward then a few back. I joined a local gym in Richmond when I moved and over time fell in love with working out; not just what it did for my body but for my mind. 


The gym and what it did for my mind and body truly changed my life and I want to share that with as many people as possible. I had no idea that becoming a Personal Trainer would turn in to what it has today. It’s not a job for me because the title job could not possibly define what and how I do this amazing life. I want to continue to teach people what the gym does for their whole life, how anything is possible at any age, that any life or physical restriction can be overcome, that the body follows the mind, and when you fuel and take care of your total mind and body it seeps into the rest of your life. I strive to show everyone that ever crosses my path that the power of positivity can move mountains and the human mind and body is capable of the unimaginable with the right mindset. That a healthy life and body comes from within, what we see, and what makes us feel amazing.


I’ve trained hundreds of people over the years and have a ton of success stories but for me the success in what I do lies in what my people do when they are no longer with me, what they’ve learned from me, and how they are living a healthy positive life for the rest of their life. 


I say “I don’t just train people… I train hero’s the real life kind” and there is no more truth than that.


My Credentials that I continually grow… 

Certified Personal Trainer/ Coach ISSA

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition ISSA

Certified Youth Fitness Trainer ISSA

Kettlebell Certified

CPR Certified

Reiki Practitioner