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Join the 2021 #SummerFitChallenge for FREE!! Over 1.8K Members have already joined our growing community of Inspiration, Motivation, Accountability, Encouragement, and Fun! With New Challenges, more Prizes, the Independence Day Virtual 5K, and so much more...the 2021 #SummerFitChallenge is going to be bigger and better than ever!


Once signed up for the #SummerFitChallenge, be sure to join the Lifestyle Challenge Facebook group (you will be re-directed to Facebook once you have registered). The challenges, events, and prizes are announced and managed through the Facebook group. Come and be a part of the amazing Accountability, Support, Motivation, & Fun!

The Lifestyle Challenge consists of the #HolidayFitChallenge, #SpringFitChallenge, #SummerFitChallenge, and the #30DayFallFit Challenge. This group will help you create year-long motivation and provide the support you need to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits! 

You can join for FREE at any time. Simply sign up and come be a part of our growing community of support! 

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Lifesstyle Challenge with Chastity Marie

2021 #SpringFitChallenge Virtual 5K


250 Registered, 150 Medals Awarded

1st Annual Holiday Fit Challenge Virtual 5K - New Year's Day

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