2020 Lifestyle Challenge

I am so excited to invite everyone to join the upcoming 2020 Lifestyle Challenge. With over 1000 people already signed up, and more joining every day, I am so grateful for the encouragement, support, and accountability I receive from this amazing challenge group. If you have not signed up for the upcoming challenge and this amazing group, I encourage you to Join Now!

This challenge and group were created for anyone and everyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life. It will provide you with the support, knowledge, and resources you need to stay on track and reach your goals for 2020. With all the stress and pressure, we face day to day, sometimes staying on track can feel almost impossible. For me, the accountability and motivation I receive from this group help me stay focused and dedicated to reaching my goals for 2020 and beyond. I truly hope that you will accept this challenge and that it blesses your day to day life as much as it blesses mine.

But what exactly is a lifestyle challenge? Well, a lifestyle challenge is a fitness challenge. A nutrition challenge. A hydration challenge. A challenge to change your mindset. To stay positive and be grateful for every day and every blessing that you have. A challenge to believe in yourself, the way that I believe in you.

The only way we can continue to grow and continue reaching for our goals is to conquer life one day at a time. Commit each day to continue moving forward and becoming the best version of ourselves possible. I know how hard this can be. Trust me. There are times for all of us when it is hard to understand or see the path and plans that God has for us. Days when things just don’t want to go right. Days when you feel like just staying in bed. It is my hope and prayer that this challenge and group will help you to conquer the bad days and create routines and habits that lead to success.

I look forward to going through the 2020 Lifestyle Challenge with all of you. There is no doubt that we all need support and guidance sometimes to succeed. I hope the resources and knowledge you will find in this group truly put you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge itself will consist of a plan focused on proper exercise, rest, nutrition, hydration, and mindset throughout the month of February. It is all about making new, positive habits and creating a routine. At the end of the challenge, 4 lucky winners will receive 1 FREE month of meal prep service. More important than that is the continued encouragement, support, and accountability you will receive from the group once the challenge ends. No pressure. No stress. Just simple motivation to believe you are worth it, believe you can, and make 2020 the greatest year ever.

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Please click the link above and join the 2020 Lifestyle Challenge Group before January 31st, 2020 at 8 PM CST to be eligible to win the 1 Free Month of Meal Prep Service

After January 31st, I still invite you to join the 2020 Lifestyle Challenge Group. Once you are a member, you will be instantly eligible for any future challenges and prizes.

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