Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It is estimated that more than 12 million people will be affected by Domestic Violence in 2019. Our friends, neighbors, and even family could be victims. We could be the victims.

Too often, Domestic Violence goes unreported and unnoticed. Victims stay silent out of fear....fear of their abuser...fear of ridicule...fear that there will be no one to turn to for help. No one who cares.

I want to help the silent be heard. I want them to know that there are people who care. There are people who want to help. I want them to know they are loved.

While the Purple Ribbon cannot stop the rise of Domestic Violence in our communities and around our nation. it CAN raise awareness. Awareness in how often Domestic Violence occurs, how many forms it takes (physical,verbal,sexual,emotional), and where victims can go to find help.

Bruises on the body we can see....How often are the bruises hidden?

The wounds of the heart and mind we can't see, and too often they remain hidden. The silent need to be heard. All victims need to be loved.

Look around, reach out...get help.

National Domestic Violence Hotline #800−799−7233

Women In Need (A Safe Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence)

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