Monday Night Mission

Each day I am reminded of how much God loves me. How blessed I am to open my eyes each morning and be given another day. Another day to love on and be loved.

Another day to spend with my precious gran-giggles. Another day to give back. Another chance to write my own story.

It is my mission in life to inspire women to be everything God created them to be. To know they are loved. That they can be forgiven. That they can be healed. That no matter their past, the future is yet to be written.

With this mission in mind, it has been my honor to work with Bridges to Life Prison Ministry in bringing hope through faith to incarcerated women. Founded in 1998, Bridges to Life ministers "to victims and offenders in an effort to show them the transforming power of God’s love and forgiveness." Since it's founding, BTL has graduated more than 47,000 men and women from their program. Men and women who have felt the healing power of God's love and grace.

Each Monday night, my soul is filled with the opportunity to share God's love and forgiveness with women who want to change their story. Seeing their transformations and becoming a part of their story is an experience I would never trade. It gives me so much hope and strength. I am inspired each time by those I go to inspire. Sharing my story, and how God's love has always defended me, and will always defend them, is a blessing I am so honored to receive. The most important thing to know is that God is always with us and will never leave us. If we have faith, and trust in his love, our future can be bright and beautiful.

Click here to support and donate to Bridges to Life! Together we can make a difference!

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