Purpose and Passion

Right now, somebody out there is depending on you to do just what God has called you to do. They are waiting to hear your story. They are waiting for you to grab ahold of your true purpose and passion, and to see you walk down the path God has chosen for you. Do not make them wait any longer. Do not keep Him waiting. Do not allow yourself to wait any longer and miss the wonderful things that God wants for you.

I know what God has called me to do and I work hard every day to live fully within that calling. God did not call me to “One Up” other women. He called me to “Lift Up” other women. To use my story and purpose and passion to give hope and strength to whoever and wherever it is needed. He called me to cheer on all my sisters and to help them live the life they truly deserve. Always remember that someone else’s win does not mean you lose. It is important to share in each other’s victories and to share in each other’s joy.

So, sis, I am cheering you on. I am cheering for you to live boldly and dare greatly. To never stay inside the box that you or the world created for you. I am cheering for you to find your calling. To find your purpose. To be everything that God wants you to be. I am cheering you on to live your best life.

Life is not defined by who you know or what you own or the places you go to. Life is about how you love. How you give back by walking in your full purpose and passion. It is about how hard you cheer on others and how much you believe in yourself. To truly step into God’s calling you must accept it and believe you are worthy of it. Always remember that He believes in you and that somebody out there is waiting for you to believe in yourself.

Remember that I believe in you too, and I pray that you find the courage and strength to be everything that God has called you to be. It will take work and dedication and perseverance, but I promise you that it is worth it. When you live within your purpose and passion, the world will open before you. And the more you uplift those around you, with true intention and a serving heart, the more God will uplift you.

God Bless you Friends

Chastity Marie

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