Do's and Dont's when Working from Home

Life has changed so much in just one week. Wouldn't you agree? And with so many changes, many of us are faced with brand new challenges. For all my friends that are now voluntarily or involuntarily working from home. Don't make the mistakes I made in the beginning as I adjusted to life working from home.

Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts that I have picked up over 6 years of working from home full time.

Do this NOT that when Working from Home: Do this: Stay in your normal routine and maintain the healthy habits you have created. Keeping things as normal as possible can make the transition much smoother. Don’t: Sleep in just because you can. Get up, Get moving & Rock your day. Make sure you start every day with: Morning Gratitude. Morning Nutrition. Morning Movement.

These are not optional but essential. Reward yourself with a nap or quiet time, but make sure to build that motivation early. Do: Get dressed enough that you are OK with unexpected guests or ready to hit "Go Live" to share value with your Social Spaces. Don’t: Stay in pajamas or workout gear all day. Getting dressed will help you to feel prepared & help give you an additional sense of motivation. Do: Fuel your body with proper nutrition, hydration & physical activity. Don’t: Overlook the signals from your body that you are running low on fuel. Feed your body not your emotions or stress. It will be so easy and tempting to stop by the kitchen multiple times throughout your work day. Keep your energy up by taking the proper time to prepare your meals and remember not eating stalls the metabolism. Do: Practice the Pause & The Power Up/Down. Don't forget that you deserve a break away from work, even when you are working at home.

Take a quick walk, step outside for fresh air, put on your favorite party music. Don’t: Try to cram an entire week's worth of work into 1 day. You are learning something new, and mastery will take time. Give yourself Grace & Space when judging your daily productivity. Do: Get a space that is specifically set up for work. This will help you stay in the proper mindset.

Don’t: Work while in bed or sitting in front of your favorite TV show. You will get distracted easily if you try to work and enjoy TV at the same time. Again, set aside some reward time that is scheduled around your TV favs. Do: Always make your bed, so you are guaranteed to accomplish at least one thing in your day. You will have days you feel like you have accomplished nothing. But if you make your bed at least you can celebrate a small win for that day. Don't: Work in your bed. I KNOW THIS WAS A HARD ONE FOR ME! Your bed should be a place to relax, refresh & renew. You can't leave your work at the office (the other room) if you are taking it to bed with you. Do: Set work hours that work with your other obligations in life. Set non-negotiable activities to help you stay on schedule and on task.

Perhaps you set Social Media Scrolling as off-limits while you are working through your daily to- do list.

You DO want to have a personal life outside of work. Work hard so you can play harder. Do: FINISH for the day. Even if that means you have a few calls or social media appearances throughout the evening, have a scheduled stopping time. Make sure and "Call It A Day."

This is a hard thing for entrepreneurs to do but getting control of this early will prevent burn out later. This is the point that Yoga pants are like a special treat in the day. Go for a walk. Have some intentional down time. Go for a run. Or do absolutely nothing for a few minutes. Don’t: Feel guilty for saying no when you need to say no. Learn to say NO to the wrong things so that you can say yes to the right things. You get to determine what the "right things" are in your life. Do: Stay connected & engaged socially with the important relationships in your life. It is so easy to slide into the background of life when you feel removed from a public office space, or even daily physical human interaction. Don’t: Let Social Distancing become Social Isolation. We were born for community. We are not designed to do life on our own or alone. Find a tribe that edifies, uplifts, & encourages you. The sudden void of conversation can create a lonely feeling quickly.

This is why you must get very comfortable with technology. Zoom, Skype, Video Chat and so many more are great tools for instant connectivity to others. Life is going to look different, but sometimes different is exactly what we need to take us to that next level of growth.

I say this often: "I didn't like what I was seeing so I changed what I was doing...and everything became different." And different can be a wonderful thing. Remember you are learning a new normal & you must give yourself grace over guilt. I would love to stay connected and would also love any Work From Home tips you have learned along the way. I am cheering you on sweet friend ❤

Chastity Marie

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