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The Story of the Loft


Welcome to our Loft. We have been expecting you. It is our sincerest hope that you know how much you belong here and how much it gladdens our hearts to have you here. We saved a special space just for you.

The Loft began as a simple 6x6 dream. A place for the Gran-Giggles to put all their dripping wet pool toys. Instead, it turned into something so much bigger, both in size and purpose. Too often in life, we shrink our dreams to fit the beliefs of others when we should be expanding our faith and the belief in ourselves. As you spend time in our 2200 square foot vision turned reality, we pray that you find faith in the belief that you can achieve your dreams, no matter how big or out of reach they may seem.

One of the most beautiful things about the Loft is that it allows us to dream bigger than ever before. The Loft has become a place filled with love for others. It has become a place of outreach and training. A place to share in each other’s time and to believe in each other’s dreams. It has become a place of purpose. Most importantly, it has become a place where you will always find friends and family, whether it is a family of choice, or family of origin.

As you are visiting our home, you will see so many realities that started as a dream. Our hope for you is that you never stop dreaming, with each one grander than before. There will be people who try to stand in your way. There will be people who say your dreams are silly. May you always rise above, face your fears, and show the world your significance.

So we welcome you into our Loft. And when the time comes for you to go, we hope you leave refreshed and renewed, with more inspiration, encouragement, and hope than the moment you arrived. You are loved. You are needed. You are appreciated.

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Dare to Dream

Freedom Magnolia Life

Freedom Magnolia Life is a Non-Profit LLC, located in Dallas/Fort Worth, whose mission is to inspire and empower all women through faith, love, and knowledge, and provide support for families in need. If you have an upcoming event that aligns with our mission, and you would like to host it at The Loft, click the link below to submit an application.

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