You Are Meant For More

As An Inspirational Leader My Goal Is To Help You Discover What That More Is

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Hello, new friend!

My name is Chastity Marie and I am Thought Leader for women. I have a crystal clear goal, purpose, and passion for life:

To reach the multitudes and impact the individual.

In the last few years, I have found great peace and joy in finding purpose from my pain and molding that purpose into a passion for my future.


"We all have a story to tell that no one else has to change, a life that no one else can Inspire"

-Inspired by Pastor Keith Craft

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I’m here for you, I’m here with you.

Allow me to walk with you through this journey, and I promise we’ll take the scenic route unlike any beauty you’ve ever seen. Together, we got this.

I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of your own love.

I know I don’t know you – yet – but what I do know is that if you feel even a tiny amount of what I’ve felt while going through this thing called life, then this is for you.

Feeling satisfied with your life is difficult, trust me I’ve been there, but walking through it alone is even harder.



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